Ashawo share the importance of their job

Ashawo share the importance of their job

A lady who is an ashawo has in a self-recorded video shared an insights on the importance of their work.

Prostitution popularly known as ashawo despite been frowned upon by communities but it has now come to stay as it has been declared as the oldest profession in the world.

According to the lady, ashawos are needed by men during their state of emergency thus when the men are hard and their wives or girlfriends are not around to satisfy them.

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She continued that this makes them important because they are there to offer their services to these men so they don’t go out there to rape small girls and ladies out there.

The lady who referred to herself as a General in the business indicated that their job is to fill in for the wives and girlfriends for a brief period but some men are abusing that.

She indicated that the men go to take drugs that would enable them to last longer in bed and when they(ashawo) complain they are told they took money for it.

Watch the video below:

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