Pastor Chris and his church members fake their miracles – Investigative Journalist

Pastor Chris and his church members fake their miracles - Investigative Journalist

An investigative journalist has gone undercover to expose the deceit and the lies been purported by some men of God on unsuspecting people.

According to the journalist, he decided to investigate the church after its head pastor stood on stage and disclosed he had resurrected 50 people from the dead.

Sharing what he witnessed, he disclosed that the stories from all the church workers claiming to be healed by the holy spirit through Pastor Chris was similar.

Read the full text below:

“Ahn, Ahn! I had raised the dead before,” Doyin, a Christ Embassy member, said flippantly, gesturing her hands towards me as though I was being ridiculous by being sceptical that a dead person could be resurrected.

“Really?” My eyes widened, and a smile parted my lips as I adjusted my seat toward her. However, before I could settle in, Doyin added, “Through faith,” hurrying away without sharing more information.

Before my encounter with Doyin, a video of the General Overseer of Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, where he stated that he had resurrected 50 people, had gone viral in Nigeria.

“More than 50 people raised from the dead within the last year,” Mr Oyakhilome said cockily. “Maybe we bribed them in hell or heaven to come back,” he added as he paced the stage during his church’s live-streamed “healing” programme.

In the video, which went viral in late March, the cleric had nine people on a mobile bed wheeled on stage. There was no mention of their ailments, but one of the “sick” was shaking as though battling a cold. Like a magician on a stage, Mr Oyakhilome said a short prayer, pointing towards the people on the bed.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, every sickness leaves you, every demon goes away from you, every pain ceases now, and you are healed.

“Get up from your bed!” the pastor said in a final command. Instantly, the nine people jumped up, with some rolling on the floor and others in jubilant mood, in what appeared to be an outstanding performance.

The incident, which happened during the Healing Streams Festival of Miracles Season 9 of Mr Oyakilome’s church on 21 March, generated an online controversy. Many Nigerians expressed disbelief as they watched clips of the footage, while others said, “Nothing is impossible.” Following the speculations, I decided to visit the church and see how ‘miracles’ were performed.

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