Lady pregnant for 13 years begs for forgiveness from Pastors wife

Lady pregnant for 13 years begs for forgiveness from Pastors wife

A Ghanaian lady who has been pregnant for the past 13 years has gone to a radio interview to share his sad story while begging for forgiveness.

According to the lady who is identified as Favour, her woes started some years ago when she was struggling and this were very bad for her in the nations capital.

She disclosed that she got into a relationship with a Pastor who was already married.

Despite knowing that the pastor was married, he persuaded her into accepting his proposal stating that he was a prophet and could marry more than one woman.

She continued that the Man of God informed her that it was only Pastors who were allowed to marry one woman.

She narrated: “I used to work as a chop bar worker, and I didn’t have a place to sleep in Dansoman. So, the woman I was working for asked me to move out because her children would be coming to stay there. I was around 30 years old at that time. My situation has persisted for 13 years.

“So, I left and went to work at Alajo. I was suffering and struggling at the time. I told a friend that I wanted to go to church so that at least God would help me with my situation.

“After the church service, I spoke to the prophet and asked him to pray for me so that I could get married and have a good life. And since that day, I used to go for Thursday prayers. Then one day, the prophet told me that God had revealed to him that he should marry me, even though he was already married.

“I asked him why he would marry two women as a man of God, and he said prophets marry two, and only pastors marry one.”

“He gave me money to rent a room, and one day he came to visit me and slept with me. After that, I got pregnant. The pastor told me to give birth.

“After getting pregnant, for about one year, I had not given birth, so I went to prayer camps to pray for my situation. I went to Dumfa Mama Grace prayer camp and to Hebron Elder Donkor.

“But the pastor was still giving me money and taking care of me. So, after relocating to a new place, the pastor showed up to have an affair with me again. Since then, I haven’t heard from him for about 4 years, and I still haven’t given birth.

“Now I don’t hear from the pastor anymore, and he doesn’t give me money again. It’s been 13 years, and I haven’t given birth,” she asserted.

“I see his wife always in my dreams, tormenting me, telling me that I am a bad person.

“Mama Evelyn (wife of the pastor), please, I want to beg you, everything that I have done against you, please forgive me. I also plead with the heavens and the earth to forgive me for my sins.

“If someone is married, don’t get close to that person because it is a death trap. I have learned my lesson and will never do such a thing again,” she added.

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