Angel Obinim bans church members from bringing 5gh and 10gh as offering

Angel Obinim bans church members from bringing 5gh and 10gh as offering

Diligent Bishop Obinim, a man of God, has sent out a strong warning to his congregants to cease offering small denominations at church.

He claims that he can only complete the projects he wants to take on when they offer larger denominations.

Every element of Obinim’s life, including the number of churchgoers, has been impacted ever since he came to confess about some of the horrible things and lies he had told in the past.

The head of the International Godway’s Church openly acknowledged a few months ago that his prior assertions that he possessed supernatural abilities—such as the ability to change into animals like lions and snakes in order to harm his enemies—were false.

Bishop Obinim apologized for spreading false information in a video clip that has gone viral, calling the period of mishaps and inexperience in his ministry.

He asked his churchgoers for forgiveness and counseled the audience to surround themselves with good people.

Even with his contrite attitude, some doubters see this confession as just another calculated step to improve his public image and draw more people to his one-man church.

It appears that he hasn’t been receiving as much money as he did when he had more members.

Watch the video below:

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