Sucking breast doesn’t prevent breast cancer – Stephanie Benson

Sucking breast doesn't prevent breast cancer - Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson, a Ghanaian jazz singer working in the UK, has refuted claims that s*cking of boobs lowers the risk of breast cancer.

Stephanie Benson, a breast cancer survivor, argued that this false belief has to be corrected because it continues to harm women all around the world.

The mother of five claimed that if s*cking of b00bs prevented breast cancer, her husband wouldn’t regularly engage in it and she would not have received a diagnosis.

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There are some things you just don’t mess with, she added, adding that despite having five children, been married for many years, and been married for decades, she still has breast cancer.

In order to save lives, Stephaine Benson argued that it is past due to abandon the narrative and communicate accurate breast cancer information.

The singer has been fairly candid about her battle with breast cancer throughout the years.

She opened up to her fans in 2022 about the scars she had from her struggle with breast cancer and other health problems, as well as her recovery process.

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Stephaine Benson revealed that she has lost her nipples as a result of the severity of her breast cancer, but she is grateful to be alive.

“Love yourself; you are all you have and nobody will love you as much as you love yourself,” she urged in a video she shared on Instagram.

Watch the video below:

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