Afia Schwarzenegger confessed that am the best candidate – Kennedy Agyapong

Afia Schwarzenegger confessed that am the best candidate - Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, a candidate for the NPP’s flagbearer position, asserts that Afia Schwarzenegger just admitted to a friend that he is the only one of the candidates put up who is qualified to govern the nation.

He stated that there was no ill will between them at the time he made this claim.

After Kennedy declared his intention to run for the NPP flagbearer ship post and ultimately the country’s presidency in the upcoming 2024 elections, their long-running dispute reached a new high.

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Since then, Afia Schwarzenegger has repeatedly criticised Kennedy Agyapong on social media and stated that his flaws disqualify him from holding the highest office in Nigeria.

Afia Schwarzenegger recently criticised Mr. Agyapong harshly on TikTok Live when a supporter pushed her to vote for him.

In contrast, whenever Kennedy is questioned about Afia in a public interview, he either disparages or criticises the woman.

Kennedy Agyapong clarified the status of their relationship, saying: “I am very fine with Afia Schwarzenegger. I know she is listening to me. The other day, she called one of my friends and said although she has issues with me, she knows I am the right person to lead Ghana currently. Call her and ask her.”

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Watch the video below:

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