Adwoa Safo Saga: What could happen if the NPP decides to take these steps

Adwoa Safo Saga: What could happen if the NPP decides to take these steps
Adwoa Safo

The Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya Hon Adwoa Safo has been in the bad books of her party the New Patriotic Party for some weeks now following their inability to pass the controversial E-levy bill since they are down in numbers as compared to the minority who have a full house in Parliament.

Since the MP’s decision not to return to Parliament anytime soon, and the Party members in Parliament bent on passing the E-levy bill, there have been calls to the National Executives to kick her out of the party and declare her seat as vacant.

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A Ghanaian lawyer has pointed out twelve possible things that could happen should the NPP decide to take certain decisions against Adwoa Safo who is currently chilling and having fun in the United States.

Read his full edited post below:

If it’s that easy to get her removed from Parliament, why not trigger the requisite processes for same to be done.

1. I hear it’s being suggested that the MP can be dismissed from the party to make her seat (Dome-Kwabenya) vacant. Yes, it can be done.

2. It’s also possible to use parliamentary processes to get her out of Parliament. It’s true.

3. The EC will be compelled under the circumstances to organize a bye-election at the Dome-Kwabenya Constituency. Yes, it can be done.

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4. However, is it automatic that the NPP will win the seat at that bye-election should items (1), (2) and (3) happen?

5. Can Adwoa Safo be barred from contesting the seat as an independent candidate? It is not possible!

6. Should Adwoa Safo decide to contest the seat as an independent candidate if she is removed and a by-election is held, will the NPP be strong enough to win the seat.

7. In other words, it’s the NPP that will definitely suffer some decrease in votes and so will be weakened. FACT!!!

8. Will the NDC not be strengthened to win the seat if items (1), (2) (3) and (6) above happen?

9. Has the time-consuming aspects of these processes, especially items (1) and (2) been taken into consideration by proponents of this infamous suggestion?

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10. Should items (1) and (2) above be triggered, Adwoa Safo has to be given a HEARING at the party level or in Parliament otherwise a strong legal challenge could be mounted against the NPP and Parliament for not affording her the opportunity to defend herself.

11. Do you have an idea how long this legal tussle could take?

12. What would have happened to the E-Levy Bill you are so desperate to get passed?

Time certainly is not on your side. Stop the ‘noise’ in the media and use the requisite lawful/legal processes to see if you can achieve your aim.

For now, discerning Ghanaians can only be watching!

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