Man threatens to break up with girlfriend for shouting Jesus in bed

Man threatens to break up with girlfriend for shouting Jesus in bed
Lady crying whiles sitting on bed

A young lady on social media has come out to beg for advice after her boyfriend threatened to break up with her.

According to the lady, the main reason why her boyfriend is threatening to break up with her is because he claims things are not going well for him at his work place.

She mentioned that her boyfriend claimed that she is the cause of all the things happening in his life because she always shouts and mentions the name of Jesus during intercourse.

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She wrote this to relationship advisor Joro Olumofin seeking an advice on what she could do to save the relationship.

The lady wrote: “I’m tired, What do men really want? Hi joro, Please help me and share this. My boyfriend complains that during sex I make too much noise. What upsets him the most is that I say Jesus on bed. I don’t say it every time but sometimes I don’t know when I say it. He said it’s a turn off for him and since I’ve been saying it God has been punishing him. He has been having issues at work. Joro please is this guy okay? Sin is a sin without marriage. Is this guy not dull? I always fall for dull guys. I’m now the source of his problems with God. I don’t know how to control it. What should I do? I need public opinions.”

See her post below:

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