Jackie Appiah reportedly pregnant after netizens saw her new video


Social media fans who have seen this recent popular video of Jackie Appiah, a well-known actress, have strongly implied that the mother of one is expecting her second child.

Social media users have responded to this video wildly, especially the actress’s followers who have expressed their utter joy at seeing her.

Jackie Appiah attempted to cover her expanding stomach with her handbag in the brief film, but she was too late because the camera had already caught her.

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In addition to her bulging tummy, her droopy boobs also provide a hint about her current health because, as we all know, saggy boobs are a common feature of pregnant women.

Jackie Appiah said that she looks terrible while interacting with GH Konkonsa, who had recorded her and posted the video on social media.

Another blatant indication that she may have conceived is the fact that pregnant women typically experience a decline in self-confidence prior to giving birth as a result of their dramatically diminished beauty.

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Watch the video below:

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