I’ve slept with 16 married men this year – Lady shares


A young lady of 25-years has opened up about her interest in sleeping with married men and no having feelings for single guys.

According to the young lady who pleaded to be anonymous, she has been sleeping with married men since level 300 in the University and it continued during her service.

She explained that she always gets wet and her nipples stand immediately she sees a man wearing a wedding ring or sees men walking with their wives in town and will do everything possible to get their attention.

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She added that she has slept with sixteen (16) men so far in 2023 but she wants to stop the act of sleeping with married men.

The lady also in the post disclosed that she is even scared for her sister and praying that she doesn’t get married because she feels she would sleep with her husband.

She posted it: “Have slept with 16 married men this year.
Hello Joro, God bless you. I heart you so much. Keep me anonymous, I am worried, I love married men so much, anytime I see a married man I get so wet and my nipples stand upright, it has been happening since level 300 and it continued after service.

My issue is I don’t know how to stop. It is not about money when I see a married man wearing wedding ring or maybe with his wife o get wet and I try to get his attention.

Most of the married men are very lonely there wife’s are not been good to them at home. I pray my sister doesn’t marry early because I’m scared I may sleep with her husband. I just love married men I really hope I can change because I want to marry and have a family of my own one day. I’m 25 years ”

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