Zionfelix sorrowfully reacts to his break-up with Minalyn

After the official post being made by Minalyn concerning her relationship with the popular writer and social media influencer Zionfelix, there’s been so many controversies surrendering their separation.

He expressed his regret over the breakup in a brief interview and reassured his fans that everything will be alright.

He was hesitant to answer when asked why he kept getting bothered by people about his problems with the women in his life.

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“Let’s not talk about that for now,” Zionfelix responded. “People meddle in your issues when they love you. I know people are genuinely concerned, and others are happy I’m going through these difficulties.”

Despite the heartbreak, Zionfelix seems to be taking things in stride and has promised to be more cautious in the future to avoid any more drama. “Everything will be fine,” he concluded.

Following the breakup, many of his supporters have expressed their sympathy and encouragement.


Although going through a divorce is never simple, it gives one hope to see Zionfelix handling things with dignity and maturity.

He may find healing in the days to come, but he must already be aware that he cannot have his cake and eat it too.

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