Sorry Delay I didn’t know it would trend – Alleged housemaid of Delay begs

Delay -Househelp and Afia-Schwarzenegger
Delay -Househelp and Afia-Schwarzenegger

The lady who claimed to be the former housemaid of Presenter Delay has come back and apologised after she was reported to the Police. 

The young lady caused a stir on social media after she posted a video on her TikTok profile claiming that the award-winning presenter has a child that she has been keeping from the public because she wants to keep her family’s personal life private.

Delay came out to say clearly that she does not know the lady and that the things she said in the viral video were just palpable lies in the midst of all the great energy people were giving the video.

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Delay went on to write to the Ghana Police Service’s Criminal Investigation Department, inviting the lady to come in and be questioned because she had no idea who she was at the time she said all those things about her.

Following the police report, the young woman who uploaded the viral video apologized to Delay.

She claims she did it solely to show her support for Delay, whom she regards as a role model.

She went on to say that she removed the video because she didn’t appreciate how she was being ridiculed for being barren.

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See her apology below:

Lady apology
Lady apology
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