I slept with married men and destroyed their marriages – Iona Reine


Iona Reine a Ghanaian musician and a professional nurse has shared some of her deep dirty secret as she advice young people.

According to her, when she was still married with her ex-husband she used to masturbate all because her turn husband was refusing to sleep or get intimate with her when she was in the mood.

In an exclusive interview, she revealed that growing up she left home without a consent of her parents to be on the street as a means of survival.

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The singer confessed that during her time on the street, she was sleeping with married men, smoking and drinking alcohol all because of the bad company she joined.

In the interview, Iona who is seen as naughty by some netizens due to her nature mentioned that all that she is saying is not to chase clout like some of her colleagues but rather to use he story to advice the upcoming youth.

Iona mentioned though she thought she was enjoying herself during that period, she now sits back and regrets all her actions.

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Watch the interview below: 

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