Moesha’s brother confirms she has stroke and needs financial assistance

Grid of Moesha-Boduong

The brother of Ghanaian socialite Moesha Boduong identified as Ebito Boduong has disclosed and confirmed that his sister is down with stroke as reported in the media days ago.

Days ago, news went rife that the one popular slay queen fell at home and as a result of that, she was having a mild stroke and currently on admission at a health facility.

Because there were no photos or videos to back the rumours, many people thought it was just one of those gimmicks just to get people to talk about her.

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But there is an update on the case and this has been confirmed by the biological brother of the former ‘Godmother’ of Ghanaian slay queens.

According to him, Moesha is currently in a critical condition and the stroke has affected her speech and she is immobile adding that they need money urgently to cater for her.

He urged the public to show their love by donating through a Go-fund me account they’ve created to raise funds to pay for her medical bills as well as, other things to aid in her recovery.

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Read the statement below:

“Hi I’m Ebito , my sister Moesha Bodoung sister recently experienced a life-altering stroke, and her journey to recovery has just begun. The impact of stroke on her life has been immense, affecting her mobility, speech, and overall quality of life. But we believe in the power of God ,love, support, and community to bring about positive change!

By contributing to this campaign, you will be directly supporting my sisters rehabilitation journey. These funds will be used to cover medical expenses, therapy sessions, assistive devices, and any other resources needed to aid her recovery.

My goal is to provide my sister with the best possible care and support during this challenging time. We want to help her regain her independence, rebuild her strength, and restore her abilities. Together, we can make a significant impact on her journey to recovery!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, compassion, and generosity. Your support means everything to us and to our beloved sister . Let’s come together as a community and make a lasting impact on her journey to recovery!

Please Donate today and be a part of our family’s story of resilience and hope. Together, we can make a difference and help our beloved sister on her path to recovery!

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See the post below:

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