I bought 2 dogs to satisfy my atopa desire – Lady confesses

I bought 2 dogs to satisfy my atopa desire - Lady confesses

A lady has confessed during an interview that her s3xual desire forced her to get two dogs that was knacking her.

In an interview with Podcaster Dr Abiola Adebayo, the lady who wanted to stay anonymous revealed that she addicted to s3x at a young age when she was sent to stay with someone.

She explained that she met on Uncle Jerry who was helping her and playing with her until the age of 5 when he started inserting his fingers into her privates part.

As the days went by, Uncle Jerry stopped using his hand and started using his ‘korti’ in her private part.

One day, when she was age 7 she was caught by a sister of Uncle Jerry who also choose to remain silent over the matter but rather demanded that she gives her her food to prevent her from telling anyone.

The lady added that one day she failed to give her food to Uncle Jerry’s sister which got her angry and now demanded that she licks her vjayjay in order to prevent her from telling people.

She continued that this influenced her so much that she had to get dogs to sleep with her just to satisfy her s3xual desires.

Watch the video below:

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