Hajia Bintu shares video of her in bikini on social media


Hajia Bintu has once more raised eyebrows after posting a fresh video of herself wearing a white bikini online.

Due to her voluptuous shape, mountainous backside, and the amusing TikTok videos she has been sharing with followers ever since she first became well-known on social media, Hajia Bintu has frequently been in the trends.

She has made headlines for her admired physique numerous times, yet interestingly, she is largely completely clothed.

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But Hajia Bintu has now revealed to her followers in a new video what she is carrying after keeping the bulky items she has down there hidden from the public sight for so long.

The unpolished view of Hajia Bintu’s curves, which has been the topic of popular controversy for some time, was spotted in a pool.

Many people have been commenting on the video on her Instagram page.

Check it out below:

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