Bride slumps to her death during bridal shower

A Nigerian bride-to-be from the Oyo State passed away after collapsing at her bridal shower.

On Saturday, August 19, Rebecca Oyedotun, 28, and her fiancé, Abiodun Oluwadamilare, were scheduled to wed. However, Rebecca Oyedotun spent the day of her wedding in the hospital and passed on the next day.

Oyedotun reportedly slumped while attending her bridal shower ceremony with her pals on Friday, according to local media.

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When describing the situation, her father, Evangelist Oyedotun of C&S Reformed Church, Isale-High School, said: “Everything was going along nicely until about 10:30 p.m. Friday when she was having the bridal shower ceremony with her friends and she apparently slumped.

“We quickly took her to LAUTECH Teaching Hospital in Ogbomoso. After some time she was revived and she appeared stable and by dawn of Saturday, a nurse told us quoting a doctor that she would be briefly discharged to attend the ceremony to sign the marriage documents and be returned to continue the treatment.”

However, Oyedotun’s condition deteriorated, and her father claimed that she was now confined to the bed.

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“We even were required to take her to Bowen University Teaching Hospital for some tests which we promptly did.”

When her husband was informed about her situation, he passed out. On Saturday, the wedding day, both the families of the bride and the groom were admitted to the hospital.

Sadly, Oyedotun died on Sunday morning.

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