Aaron Adatsi shows off new girlfriend after breaking up with his baby mama

Aaron Adatsi shows off new girlfriend after breaking up with his baby mama

Ghanaian actor Aaron Adatsi popularly known as Cyril, has officially confirmed that he and his baby mama, Eyram, are no longer together.

The confirmation comes after months of rumors were dashed when Adatsi took to social media to show off his new partner, Nana Adwoa Lovia.

Adatsi has been showing love moments with Lovia on social media lately, indicating that he and Eyram are no longer together.

Fans had reportedly loved the couple, who have a child together, but their relationship was not without its problems.

In November 2023, there were initial rumors of their breakup, which went viral on social media.

Insiders claim that while Aaron and Eyram were dating, they were both having extramarital affairs.

The insider also disclosed that Aaron was forced to stay with Eyram because of her pregnancy, even though he had no intention of marrying her.

Pressure from Eyram’s family, who allegedly insisted on a commitment to prevent their daughter from giving birth outside of marriage, reportedly made the situation even more difficult.

They made an effort, but the relationship could not endure the problems, which ultimately resulted in their breakup.

Supporters of Aaron’s new relationship have been expressed, while some have lamented the end of their once-admired relationship between the actor and influencer.

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